Irrigation Kit - Gardup Pre WG

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Garden Up Dripper System Irrigation Kit (71 piece kit)
Irrigation Kit - Gardup Pre WG
• Water 20 plants with one turn of the tap• Add a timer for automatic watering• 23m of vinyl tubing suits most gardens• Quick and easy installation


Whites Dripper System Irrigation Kit is a simple solution that saves you time as you can water 20 plants at one time and saves water as it promotes slow even watering. You can even add a timer for automatic watering to allow you to multi-task.

It's an ideal watering system for vertical gardens, hanging baskets, vegie patches and raised garden beds.

With simple push-fit installation and a tap adaptor that fits standard 3/4" outside taps, it's a quick and easy set up.

Pack includes 10 x In-line Drippers, 10 x End Drippers, 23m Tubing, connectors, stakes and clips: enough to run up to 15m of main tubing plus branches.

Handy Hints:

  • Create a branch network as opposed to one long system to avoid water pressure issues.
  • For detailed instructions, click on the images in the photo gallery above.

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